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Get to Know Your Customers — Now or Never

Meet the Presenters

Elie Aintabi is an industry leader in Business Analytics. He’ll explain how retail analytics can help you better understand your customers and their next moves. He’ll be joined by Darren Cantrell, Merchandise Planner at Cavender’s, who’ll share how Jesta’s Vision Analytics has helped him make more strategic decisions.

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Today, retailers are making data-driven decisions now more than ever. Successful omnichannel retailers know that real-time information gathered through their business analytics is the key to developing tailored buying experiences.
In this complimentary webinar, you’ll discover how data is aggregated and insights are attained in (often!) a matter of seconds. Armed with this info, you’ll better understand customer behavior and purchase patterns, and be able to make proactive decisions to encourage repeat customers and even create brand advocates.
You’ll also learn how predictive analytics can help you determine future sales and empower you to make critical decisions such as what is the optimal quantity of merchandise to allocate per location. Moreover, you’ll learn how actionable analytics can help streamline your retail operations, reducing errors and increasing productivity.
The best Business Analytics solution provides retailers with a single version of the truth that can be accessed anywhere, at anytime, on any device. We’ll lead you there.

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  • Suggestive Pricing
  • Seasonal Demand Planning
  • Twitter and Social Media Mining
  • Actionable Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • Loss Prevention & CRM

Elie Aintabi
Has been working at Jesta I.S. for over a decade. He began in 2008 as a Junior Developer and has since transitioned into his current position as the Associate Director of Business Intelligence and DBA Services. In his role, Elie’s primary concern is the satisfaction of his clients and the advancement of analytics as a whole.


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Throughout his time at Jesta I.S., Elie has driven his team to create cutting-edge advancements in the field of BI and analytics. When he’s not working, Elie spends all of his time with his wife and 3 young daughters

In 2017, Darren led the Cavender’s team to a  successful transition into BI Analytics. He has developed many BI analytical reports that have given greater visibility to KPI’s across the company which has led to additional inventory control and maximizing sales.

Darren Cantrell
is a Planner at Cavender’s which is a western footwear and apparel retailer in the southern United States.  His primary focus is building inventory and sales plans for store operations and merchandising. Darren is a Certified Public Accountant and has served as an accountant for 17 years and analyst for 8 years prior to his current role at Cavender’s.