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iconStreamline and Optimize Your Global Supply Chain

Managing vendors that are all over the world is no easy feat. Staying on top of hundreds if not thousands of orders and shipments as they crisscross the globe is enough to make even the best organizational wizard lose it completely. Enter Jesta’s magic maker: Trade Management Portal (TMP).

In the Trade Management Portal webinar, you’ll discover how our latest Supply Chain solution is a cloud-based, central platform where vendors, buyers and other parties can easily attain real-time information about overseas orders and shipments for a guaranteed single version of the truth. You’ll also learn about TMP’s dedicated communications section where all parties can view and post questions and comments to easily obtain all the order details they need.

For more on how Jesta’s Trade Management Portal streamlines and optimizes global supply chains, sign up for the complimentary webinar now. Space is limited. Presented by: Leon Aintabi, Jesta’s Trade Management Product Manager.

The interactive webinar will also discuss other TMP benefits including:

  • A single point of reference for wholesale and retail truths
  • Instant information syncing between the ERP and TMP
  • An alternative way to onboard global vendors without EDI
  • The ability to allocate goods when they are in transit on the water
  • The management of important shared documents
  • Order collaboration between vendors and buyers worldwide