How to Navigate
Changing Trade Realities

Tuesday, July 9th, 2019 at 11AM EDT

Save Your Spot

New trade strategies being pursued by the US government are putting American companies that make and sell products globally in a very tight position. Tariffs are being used as the main weapon to revitalize domestic manufacturing in the US, but they are, in fact, forcing many large multinational companies to make serious changes.

Companies affected by the new tariffs typically resort to one or more of these obvious adjustments:

  1. They shift their supply chains to tariff-friendly jurisdictions
  2. They absorb the higher tariff costs
  3. They pass along the higher costs to customers

None of these options are, however, sustainable in the long run.

Companies with extensive experience navigating trade restrictions are better equipped to adapt to new trade realities. Most agile companies seldom switch their supply chains in response to tariffs. Instead, they find ingenious ways to adjust and adapt.

In this interactive webinar presented by Arvind Gupta, President of Jesta I.S., you’ll learn how to adjust your merchandising strategy to best weather the headwinds from new trade realities. 

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