Retailers want to be wholesalers and wholesalers want to be retailers; not to mention that virtually everyone is selling online. The lines are blurred everywhere. Learn how paradigm shifts are driving new operational and technological requirements.


In this report, you will learn about: 
   Evolving business models - how to capitalize
   Lagging legacy systems - dealing with outdated software
   Technology for "The New Retail" - the new "must-haves"


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Guess? is an organization that adapts and makes necessary business changes required to remain competitive. With its latest version of Vision Sourcing and Demand Management, Jesta I.S. has proven itself to be a technology partner that adapts to the changing marketplace, enabling Guess? to move forward with new processes and the visibility we need to remain a leading brand in this hyper-competitive marketplace.


                                                                                                      Michael Relich, CIO, Guess? Inc.

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Designing and Wholesaling: The New Retail

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